20 Things that make me Smile

Or, some good things about an ordinary life

7 min readSep 11, 2022


Picture: Author’s own. Long exposure of a Georgian waterway.

These days there’s so many bad things in the news, it can be depressing. My friend Daniella Montage tagged me in this challenge, so here’s 20 things that still make me smile. It’s good to find things to be grateful for isn’t it?

1.Good food. We spent most of our adult lives living in the Caribbean. We’ve had our share of Trinidadian food but moving to the US brought with it entirely new culinary experiences. Pho was a delight to discover. So was Moe’s homewrecker burritos. Thai food. Vietnamese food. Some really great pizza. Now we get the best of both worlds and I couldn’t be happier. Nom.

2. Coffee. Blessed Coffee. I don’t know how people survive without Coffee but damn I’ve grown attached to a cup of Joe first thing in the morning. Sweet to taste, milky and fragrant. Did you know you can mix different grounds? So we mix random blends together when we feel like something new. One scoop of Breakfast blend, one Columbian and one Ethiopian. Scrumptious. Nerve jangling but scrumptious. Lol.

3. Blissful peace and quiet. If you’ve lived in the Caribbean you know. Everyone wants to be a DJ. Seriously, go to the beach, someone’s playing calypso loud enough to have a dance party. Go home, the neighbor is banging out music. All day. We used to live on a city street, it was rarely quiet. Now, I can hear a bug fart. Except on weekends of course, when the neighbors pull out their barbecue pits and have pickup truck-tug-of-wars in the street. But it’s all good.

4. The public library. Honestly. If you’ve ever lived in a place that had a limited or inconveniently located public library, to finally live close to a good one is life changing. I’ve read so much, learned so much, enjoyed so many different books, DVDs, and activities related to the library, I find it to be a gem in ordinary life. I love the public library.

5. State parks. We don’t have those in the Caribbean. So beautiful to see, so absolutely amazing to enjoy.

Picture: Author’s own




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