6 Practical Skills You’ll Need To Survive In The Future

We’re not going to stop climate change, we should prepare accordingly

5 min readMay 20, 2022


Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

Let’s face it, we’re not going to stop climate change.

I know, it’s upsetting. It’s traumatic. It’s horrifying. Some of us are low key relieved we’re too old or too sick to have to live through the worst of it.

Many of us have children and we are frenetically preparing them to live in a world that may no longer exist when they become adults.

The one where people had stable jobs and could get vacations and comfortable retirements are fading in the past. Are you certain your children will have 401Ks? Social Security? Will our money even have value in twenty or thirty years?

In the USA, we’re witnessing in real time, a proposed re-imprisonment of women into the strictures of forced stay-at-home housekeeping.

We’re living through spiking inflation, propaganda at nose bleeding intensities and a rising tide of violence that seeps into our day to day lives. Can I go to the grocery store safely? Should I send my children to school?

Further afield, Sri Lanka is at the point of collapse. Ukraine, ditto. Turkey is broke. As the war in Europe progresses, more and more developed countries will be added to the list.

Refugee crises follow wars; even these will be overshadowed by large scale migrations of starving people as a heating planet refuses to feed them. We have to accept this reality. Our politicians have no solutions other than war.

This is the world we are heading into. We must face it with honesty, with the resolve to fix it and a realistic understanding we must prepare ourselves to survive on a hostile planet. The days of slow sleepy change and continuous peace are gone.

This is how you prepare.

My big six

We’re living through a period of transition. The old world still exists but it’s faltering. Supply chains are broken and being broken. Gas prices are spiking. Diesel prices are hitting the stratosphere and it will get worse.




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