How to apply common sense to mandates, masks, and vaccination in an era of information overload.

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In general the calculation I use to make my health decisions goes something like this: If, the risk of side effects from the medicine/vaccine/procedure is less than the risk of dying or getting seriously…

An immortal finds -and loses her true love over and over.

Another day. Scarlett wondered what month it was. What year. It didn’t matter anyway. The sun came up. The night fell down. In between she slept in fits and starts. Sometimes she ate. Today the food tasted like cardboard…

No one wanted Buddy, and his time was almost up.

I wish I could tell them, the people outside the dog cage. I daren’t call it my cage. I don’t want to belong to it. It’s a cage, cement blocks for walls, bare cement with a drain hole in the…


📝I wish I’d never discovered TikTok. Can’t dance. Can’t sing. And my best known attribute is a constant natural gas supply. I’ll follow back tho.

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