Adjusting your individual resonant frequency.

How to use quantum physics to create reality. Or, what Tesla didn’t say out loud.

Disclaimer: I’m a sucker for neo-spirituality. That puts me somewhere between ‘Law of Attraction’ and ‘Transurfing’. If you are firmly grounded in reality. Skip this one. But if you are into magic, consider, you might have been led here. Read on.

If you’ve ever held a newborn, played with a puppy, or snuggled in bed on a lazy Sunday morning with your beloved, you know exactly what magic does. It fills you somehow, it gets inside you and expands until it leaks from your eyes. It’s in your first kiss, heart pounding so hard. Or when you kneel, asking, hoping she replies with ‘I do’.

It’s in her eyes as she watches you kneel, fumbling with something in your pocket. You fish out a tiny box that carries a lifetime of love within a golden circle that fits on her finger. It’s hidden in the hugs from your children. You hear it when you laugh so hard, it hurts. You feel it when you love. When you are loved.

This is the ordinary kind of magic. We all live it. But hidden away in the space between things, there is yet another kind of magic. This kind weaves its way into our physical world unseen. It binds our lives together with forces that can only be measured at an atomic level but have universal consequence.

Modern physics is only now unraveling these mysteries; you hear about them sometimes. Higgs Boson, quantum computing. The deeper we look into the world, the clearer we see:

My first brush with the invisible left me shaken. My wife and I were on a road trip. Five hours into a ten hour drive, we stopped at a motel of questionable quality; it was the only place that had available rooms. Who knew the watermelon festival would book up every hotel in town?

The room itself was cool and clean. I watched my wife wrinkle her nose. She hates motels. I heard her mutter something about bedbugs. She rummaged around her travel bag for her crocs. In 28 years of marriage, she has never let her bare feet touch motel carpet. Just her thing.

Later that night, I woke up in pitch blackness. The air conditioner hummed noisily in the background. For a long moment, I didn’t know where I was. Only that my heart was pounding. I felt my skin prickle under the scratchy sheets.

What was going on?

My heart trip-hammered in my chest. Breathing was difficult, labored, as if I were breathing in clouds. I opened my eyes fully and there, at the closed, bolted door, stood a man.

It was dark. No way for me to see his features. Only that I knew it was male, clothed in shadows. Standing at the door. I could feel malevolence coming off him in black waves. I felt each one as it rippled past me. My mind could not make sense of what I was experiencing. Only that there was someone in the room. Some being. Something alien.

Then out of the blackness, I heard my wife’s voice, trembling and nervous. “Mitch, do you see that?”

I didn’t wake her, later she would tell me, she awoke, her heart racing as if she had run up a flight of stairs. She immediately saw …whatever it was and then realized I too was awake and looking right at it.

We screamed. Who turned the light on, who kept screaming even after the light flicked on still is fuzzy. I don’t remember. Only that the soft incandescent light illuminated an otherwise empty room. There was nothing standing at the door.

We didn’t sleep for the rest of that night. But I knew, something more was going on.

Newton watched an apple fall and from that simple observation, he devised an entire branch of physics that made sense of our observed worldview. You don’t argue with gravity, not successfully anyhow. Ask a slippery sidewalk why friction is important. We try to get out of the way of speeding trains. Newton’s laws underpin them all; our entire human existence is predicated on the functioning of these laws.

But as physics evolves we encounter the world of Quantum physics. Where particles -physical matter - arises and disappears spontaneously. We now describe ‘virtual’ particles.

In this alternate world, all particles behave as either matter or energy. When we reduce reality to its constituent parts, it no longer behaves as a solid predictable entity that follows Newton’s laws; rather, it behaves as though it is both solid and energy. It dances between states. It flickers. It teases. Shadows become light, become real, then vanish. And we don’t know why...(I suspect my wife and I might have witnessed a similar phenomenon in that motel room.)

Worse yet, in this bizarre world of the quantum, we encounter a phenomenon called superpositions: where probability works by assuming that certain particles (electrons) must exist in all possible positions/states …and the act of observing them (using a detector) collapses the infinite possibilities into an observable physical reality.

OK, that hurt my head the first time I stumbled across the idea. Some translation is needed. It seems that some types of matter can exist in all available possibilities. It’s only by observation, by attempting to peer into the infinite field, the possibilities vanish, collapse and become reality. At this point Newtonian physics reasserts itself and events proceeds as he predicted.

Do we dare consider this? It suggests that all possible realities can potentially exist and by our observation, we can collapse the infinite field of possibility into a physical experience. Yeah. I know. That way madness lies.

But this is what popular spirituality insists. Through the books and documentary of “The Secret”, the work of “Abraham and his Law of Attraction” and even in Zeland’s “Reality Transurfing”, there is an insistence that we can re-work reality into a Christmas list of what we desire -a subjective reality. One individually tailored; the pull is undeniable. Who wouldn’t want to live in their own created world?

So how does one create reality? How can one collapse the field of infinite possibility into a defined material reality?

So far, this is what I understand. I make no claim that it will work for you, only that it has changed my world. In a very real way my perspective has changed, broadened to encompass the unseen. I try, every day to find the good in life, the bright sparks of positivity that bring silver linings to every dark cloud. And as my focus on life has changed, so too has my inner world reflected into the external. My life has changed for the better. I hope I can change yours.

Bees for example can see into the ultraviolet. Their world is colored differently and is superimposed atop the one we inhabit. Their experience of reality is markedly different from that of dogs or dolphins. Yet all exist simultaneously. Many different worlds do exist. We just are unaware of them. The first step to changing your world is this:

Accept what is.

This means, take a hard look at exactly where you are. All of us made our way to this place in time and space on our own two feet. We made some decisions, avoided others, and got exactly to where we are through conscious and unconscious action.

In quantum terms, by viewing the world through our individual lens, what we experience is what we brought into existence out of the infinite field of possibility. It is what it is so to speak. No amount of groaning or complaining can change a material manifestation. The collapse of possibility is one way. Allow what is to simply be, and allow for different realities to exist. How do you know your situation is all there is? How do you know it’s permanent?

Alternate realities exist. It already does for bees, birds, dogs and dolphins. The world you live in is not the same as that of either hobo or a hero. Why not choose one that serves you?

Be grateful.

Gratitude works almost like tuning the dial on a radio. When you actively practice looking for things to be grateful for, you are tuning into those events that have positive meanings for you. Scrolling the frequencies until you find your jam is exactly what you are doing. Your song, your jam is that frequency that brought you happiness.

In quantum terms, you are readjusting your ground state. You are re-aligning yourself toward what works. You are deciding where to look. Out of the field of everything, you have decided where to begin to observe, to search, to collapse possibility into reality.


How can anyone choose? If infinite possibility exists, you can theoretically choose any reality. Good or bad. Up or down, left or right. We get stuck at the center of creation with infinity on every side. Where should anyone begin?

This is the same concept as paying it forward. Whatever we put into the world comes back to you. This is the magic hidden in the New Commandment. To love one another directly affects reality at a quantum level. When you choose to express a particular frequency, it goes into the space of possibility and crystallizes that love into the material world.

What kind of world do you want to live in? A kind world? Create kindness. Would you like to live in a world filled with love and affection? Create it first. How about a materially wealthy world? Sounds good? Then help others to become wealthy. Its been said in so many ways, do unto others. Reap what you sow. Be the change you want to see. Karma. All the same idea.

Choose what kind of world you would like to live in and go about creating it for others. It just so happens, the definition of self includes others. You’re doing it for yourself.

And here at last we return to Tesla. Energy. Frequency. Vibration. The observable world seems to exist in flux between energy and matter. Energy can collapse into matter by consciously interacting with it. Thus by paying attention to the frequencies that are important to us, we can create a material reality of our choosing.

If there’s any kind of magic this is it. We can create in our own minds, a heaven out of hell, and a hell out of heaven. No one said magic was safe. It works both ways. The hands you have can belong to saint or sinner. We get to choose.

All we have to do is try. What do you have to loose?

With love,

(all pictures courtesy Pixabay)

📝Not all who wander are lost. But I'm often lost wondering.

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