Apple’s screenshot of shame isn’t enough to change my behavior.

Even though Apple’s screen time proved I’m an internet addict, I can’t let go -but I finally understand why.

…do I really want to admit most of my waking hours are tedious? That I’d rather be doing something else than actually living?

YouTube is my main source of entertainment. I mean, come on, movie clips, music, humor, life hacks and news all in one place? What’s not to like? YouTube is the center of my entertainment universe.

We are meant to live; but our existences have become desperately empty. Screens and snacks fill some of the holes in our souls but it’s killing us.

Life is set up to distract us.
Screen time takes most of us out of our lives. After work, after the pisstifying (where you hold a pee till you get home) commute and the slow decompression from eight or more hours doing what only money could get you to do, you need a break. Digital distractions are the latest salve for our sufferings; TV, laptops, and smartphones quickly help us numb ourselves on micro-doses of dopamine and finger scrolls.

📝Not all who wander are lost. But I'm often lost wondering.

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