Connection: It’s Why we read Medium Articles

If you’ve connected, it doesn’t matter what you write

3 min readSep 1, 2022


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My friend Natalie said something recently that stuck with me.

I want to listen to others. It’s not entirely about needing to agree nor even identify. There truly is a connection and we simply want to learn more about the person as they write and share what means the most to them. The topics become secondary.

Let that sink in for a minute.

How many of us are seeking the right niche, the most current topic. (Tip, you can find out what the most asked questions on Google are by clicking here).

We want to be relevant. To write articles that resonate with our readers. To bring something to the table.

Yet Natalie suggested it doesn’t matter, not that much what you write, but who wrote it and their relationship to you.

Have you read articles by your Medium circle that aren’t your cup of tea?


Likely it’s because you know the writer, at least as far as Medium will allow. I’ve gotten to know a few of my readers reasonably well and I look forward to hearing about what they’re up to. Just a couple examples:

I know Pierre. Autistic & proud. is away from Medium for a little while. Or that Dana Leigh Lyons is writing from a tiny cabin in a rural area. Richard Crim is worried climate change will affect us much sooner than we expect (he’s right).

Laura M. Quainoo shares the experiences of CHOSSA and it’s more than curious how many of them also apply to immigrants. I haven’t heard from Judy Derby since August. I’m low key wondering what’s up and I’m waiting for Aunty Jean’s next article on mindfulness and Daniella Montage’s Halloween stories.

I can’t get to everyone but the point is, I’m interested in them, and their perspectives matter. Natalie was right. It doesn’t matter exactly what they write either. The connection is what’s important.

What does this mean for future articles?
For me at least, I’ll keep writing whatever catches my fancy. I don’t think I can write for a niche or even try to hit the sweet spot of public concerns…




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