Crumbelina and the Hungry Ants

She really shouldn’t make so many crumbs…

Crumbelina was a very pretty little girl with long curly hair and bright smiley cheeks. She lived in a big house near a dark forest with tall bumpy trees and long grass where wild purple flowers grew.

Every day she would go outside to walk around in the wet grass and play as she waited for the birds to come into her garden to sing their morning songs. She especially loved the red cardinals that darted into her yard to peck at the fat worms that came out of the wet ground.

But there was one thing that Crumbelina loved most of all. She loved to eat cookies. Not just any cookies. She didn’t care about the cream filled cookies or the animal crackers. Oh no, the cookie she loved most of all were the chocolate chip cookies. She would sit at her kitchen table and munch her cookies as fast as she could.

Do you know what happens when you eat cookies as fast as you can?

Crumbelina made so many cookie crumbs her mommy always said to her: “Lina, you have to take your time to eat your cookies and try not to make crumbs, you’ll bring the ants.”

But did Crumbelina listen? Nope. She didn’t listen to her mother and one day after she ate four cookies as fast as she could, can you guess what happened?

She made a huge mess with cookie crumbs all over the carpet in the living room. She left the mess she made on the floor and went outside to play.

The busy ants that lived in the forest smelled the cookie crumbs on the floor and they came to get a closer look.

What do you think the ants came to see?

First they climbed up to the window to see if they could see what they smelled.

But they couldn’t see the crumbs because the window was not near the living room.

But still they could smell the cookie crumbs so they decided to sniff around some more.

The next thing they did, they snuck under the front door. They tiptoed very very quietly into the house and sniffed around for the cookie crumbs.

Do you think they found it? Uh huh. They found it.

The ants were delighted. They danced around for a while and made a circle around all the crumbs that Crumbelina had left on the ground. And then they darted in and grabbed up all the crumbs and raced for the door. They wanted to escape with the cookie crumbs.

But then, one of the bigger ants spotted a hot dog on the table. It was Crumbelina’s dinner.

Can you guess what the ant did?

The ant grabbed the hot dog and ran towards the door.

Another ant saw a cuppy cake on the kitchen counter. It was too big for him to carry so he called 100 of his friends and they grabbed the cuppy cake and headed for the door.

Some more ants went into the kitchen and found the package with all the rest of Crumbelina’s cookies.

Can you guess what the ants did? You guessed it.

The ants grabbed the whole package of cookies and they headed for the front door.

But the front door was closed.

What do you think the ants did then?

One by one the ants stood on one another’s shoulders and made a tall ladder. They climbed up to the door handle and turned it and the door opened.

The hungry ants darted out the door with all Crumbelina’s cookies, her dinner and her cuppy cake.

When Crumbelina came back inside for her dinner, at first she was very surprised.

The front door was open. Her hotdog was missing and all her favorite snacks were gone.

Her mother said to her, Crumbelina, I told you not to make a mess with your crumbs but you didn’t listen. Now the ants have come and eaten all your food. There’s no more food today, we’ll have to go to the grocery store tomorrow but tonight you’ll have to eat oatmeal.

Crumbelina made a sad face. She didn’t like oatmeal. It tasted like boogers. She really wanted her hot dog and her cuppy cake and cookies.

Do you think Crumbelina will still make messes when she eats?

Crumbelina decided that day to try not to make a giant mess every time she ate. She didn’t want to bring the ants anymore. The ants were too sneaky, and they would eat all her food. And if a few crumbs fell, she would ask for a broom and sweep them away.

The end.

📝Not all who wander are lost. But I'm often lost wondering.

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