How To Understand The Polarization Of America’s Psyche

5 min readMay 10, 2022


We can choose our states of consciousness if we understand them

A young boy sits at a table pointing at a coffee cup that reads: See the Good (in everybody)
Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash

Two distinct levels of consciousness exist within a human being. Demons caper in the basement of our souls and angels fly overhead. The human element walks a tightrope between them.

I want to tell you something hopeful. Something that you might miss if you get caught up in the news cycle with all the misery and miserable news.

To understand the cycle and our place within it, let’s step back you and I, and take a broad view of the American experiment. I want to show you how we got here. Then you’ll understand where we’re headed.

Early colonists practiced genocide before they adopted slavery. Both systems ended after evolving into a democracy, framed within a constitutional Republic and amended to include a Bill of [human]Rights.

America has been all of this, even as some countries around the world remain prisoners of the past, mired in medieval forms of civilization and culture.

So far so good? These are just broad strokes; I’m just going for an outline.

Within this rough sketch, can you see the evolution of American thought? Of us taking halting stumbling steps towards a society that interrogated its past to shape a better future?

From a broad historical view, it’s clear, America often chooses to reconfigure its society to reflect new ideas. This perhaps is the greatest of America’s strengths; our ability to self reflect and evolve in response. That’s so rare in the world it’s mindboggling.

Despite all our mistakes and missteps, we chose a path where we could genuinely “ask -not what your country has done for you, [but] ask what you can do for your country.”

America gave us that choice when many others took it away. That’s an astonishing fact considering many countries still don’t ask, they insist. They demand. They dictate. We have long evolved our consciousness past that and reshaped our society in response.




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