Miami will be under water eventually.

4 min readMar 2, 2022

(Updated) You’ll want to move away from the coast now though, climate change is already here.

Imagine you’re on vacation. South Beach in the summer. Surf, sun, ice cold beer under a blistering blue sky. The sand is so hot you feel it through your flip flops. You spent the day lightly toasting on a beach towel. And after a cold shower in your beachfront hotel, you slide into cool clean sheets for the night. Tomorrow you plan to ride Jet-skis and drink some Pina coladas. You slip sweetly to sleep without a murmur.

You awake to a loud grating sound. The bed shakes. Your eyes can’t get adjusted to the dark so you don’t see much more than the soft light of the exit sign above the door. Panic white and hot fills your body.

Where are you?

For a moment you don’t know. The bed shifts on the floor slightly. The room is vibrating. Bits and pieces of .. something fall around your head in the darkened room. You look up, can’t see anything. It feels like dust falling on your upturned face. You stumble out of bed. The room is shaking now. Loud cracking sounds slice the air around you.

You can feel your heart beat slamming in your chest. Hotel. You remember. You’re in a hotel. You hear a sharp crash, something has fallen. Something big. You can hear screaming from the room next door. Your bed slips forward suddenly as your room tilts at a crazy angle. It hits the back of your knees as it grates across the carpeted floor.

The sounds of metal groans around you. Low, squealing in protest. It sounds like chunks of steel bending. The bed slams you to the floor. The entire front of your room crumbles, falls into darkness. You’re looking down, down into the floors below. There’s a massive hole in the center of the building as the intervening floors have fallen away, one by one, rumbling and tumbling into the darkness. You can barely find your voice. You try to scream but nothing comes out.

Loud cracking sounds fill the air. Louder this time. The room shakes, shivers violently. Metal shrieks all around you. Closer now, like a giant beast in pain, the sound shakes you to your stomach. You suddenly feel sick as you and the bed behind you begin sliding towards the empty space where the door once was…


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