Social media and the metaphysics of negative creation.

How to recognize and minimize the toxic effects of social media.

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I was eleven. I still remember that hot Saturday in July. Not a cloud in the hard blue sky and my eyes watered. I’d just closed the front gate behind me. In front of me, the road stretched out and turned the corner towards the old Presbyterian church we walked to every blessed Sunday morning. Mom was a stickler for Sunday sermon.

That day though, was the day I rode my first ten speed. I’d saved my allowance for months. I wanted that bike more than I wanted to breathe. I remember the way my heart beat way too fast. The way my arms trembled. How the sun burned through my T-shirt and the asphalt smelled like sulfur. I was going to do this.

I was eleven, about to do what is now unthinkable: ride off alone on an endless road. My parents were somewhere inside doing what parents did back in the 80's. In my own imagination, I was about to grow up. I climbed on new blue Raleigh and took that first tentative push into the unknown.

Where I was going? I hadn’t a clue, mom couldn’t find me even if she wanted to. I know she didn’t think about it much. I was one kid out of her three, happy with a bike, nothing to do and no place to be.

And just like that, the white lines on the road ribboning out beneath my pedaling feet, I was gone for the day. For the next ten years, unless it rained, it would be me and the open road; meeting with friends, racing around empty tracts of land, watching the grass go by, sitting under lonely trees to read and listen to the birds.

In those days, social media was who you hung out with and were able to contact using a land line. It was birthday parties and house parties, family gatherings, going to the beach with friends and Saturdays in the mall hiding in the arcade, stoned on Galaga and Pacman. We were kids making up our own games with our own rules; exploring a universe that seemed vast and filled with magic.

And then everything changed. Now somehow, it’s unsafe for kids to roam around and explore. We dare not leave them unattended, so we fill their days with structure, and their nights with media. Cell phones and ipads, x-boxes movies and all the latest fads.

All the while we have almost completely destroyed that place in time filled with the sounds of children’s laughter. We’re turning our kids lives into padded cells filled with supervised inmates, spending their days in what feels like an asylum and the madness is just now showing it’s nasty face.

Instead of hanging out playing with other kids, we mindlessly consent to our children sitting safely behind devices and replace real time with screen time.

The real tragedy is that screen time expands silently, invisibly filling our hours with other peoples lives, not our own. We watch like electric ghosts, as others live, laugh, cry, hurt and even die. Why? Why aren’t we living our lives? Have we forgotten how to live?

Today’s social media has taken away our carefree childhoods from us by it’s ability to physically disconnect us from each other.

But humans need to connect. To be with one another, to talk, to touch, to interact. We need real face time, not the other kind. We need to be in the physical presence of others. Ever wondered why?

Ever wondered how you can tell if someone is for or against you? Why dogs can sense bad people. Why some churches just feel holy and why some homes feel like hell? We are finely attuned to the vibrations of these things. We can sense it even if our intelligence cannot understand.

We know without really knowing how. We feel, we sense; and when we are in the know, we participate in this dance of knowing.

Maybe you’ve heard it before, our ability to pick up vibrations makes us a kind of biologic antenna. And as antennas, we receive vibrations but - we also transmit them.

Think about cordless phones, CB radios, or walkie talkies, even cell phones. They have to receive electromagnetic radiation and convert it into voice and then back again, transducing the energy of our voices into radiation that can be rebroadcast.

We do the same thing.

We convert mental and emotional energy into physical and physiologic changes that can be measured.

Emerging technologies also point to a field of detectable radiation around our bodies, a ‘biofield’ that can also be affected by changes in the internal energies of our bodies.

Our minds and our hearts broadcast into the world, our intentions for it. Our bodies pulse with the power of creation. Look around, every thing you see was once a thought made manifest in the real world.

We convert thought energy into real things. Thoughts become things after all.

Herein lies the second tragedy of social media.

We fill our moments with negative thoughts voluntarily. Where the last shooting was, where the tornadoes are, who said something mean, who looked bad, and who hurt whom.

It’s not our fault that we are drawn to the dark side of things, we evolved precisely because we were able to predict negative outcomes and take corrective action. There are lions over there. Let’s go around. That fruit is bad, let’s eat this instead.

Our brains are pre-wired with a negative bias and social media ramps this up exponentially. We flood our creative systems with negative energy every time we use social media, and every time we look at the news. The horror stories of the day sweep us up in a maelstrom of destructive power.

What do we create when we’re in a good place? What do we broadcast into the world when we make our worlds livable?

We broadcast positivity. We vibrate happiness, joy, bliss even wonder. We fill the space around us with light and laughter. With hugs and kisses. We transduce the energy inside us into the world around us. We make reality out of the light inside.

What do we create when our days are filled with news of mass shootings and disasters nearby? When we can’t look away from car crashes and children in cages. What happens with the whipped up negativity we gorge ourselves with?

People break.

A little bit at a time. A tumor, a malignancy, a polyp. Somewhere, somehow the conversion of negative energy into real things starts here.

Raised blood pressure, a frozen heart dying with every beat. A few missing chemicals in the brain, depression, disconnection, dismay.

Things around us break.

There’s a leak in the washing machine. The car won’t start. The HVAC isn’t cooling today. Negativity affects everything in our individual worlds.

Relationships break.

He doesn’t make me happy. We don’t need you at this company anymore. I don’t love you. I’ve changed.

All this is on a personal scale. What happens when everyone is doing it?

The planet breaks.

We’ll heat this sum’bitch up till it boils. We’ll poison the sea, turn the soil into sand, and torment our children with debt until death. We’ll tax the life out of each other, wreck our health to accumulate wealth and then slowly die as we try to turn wealth back into health.

Thankfully there is a cure.

We have to return to that place inside ourselves first, where we look to our blessings with gratitude. We live yet another day, and with breath there’s hope. We can thank the powers that be for every good thing in our lives. Even if it’s just to draw breath above ground. Start with gratitude.

Count your blessings instead of your unfulfilled wishes as Thomas Sowell suggests.

Then in that place of gratitude, approach your world, deliberately avoiding the bad things. The hate. The anger. The hurt. We are capable of transcending our negative bias, but it takes work. It takes effort. It takes focus.

Put your focus on the positive. Accentuate the positive as much as you can. Look for it. Deliberately seek it. It’s everywhere.

It’s in the hugs of children. It’s in the kiss of a loved one. The snuggle of a loved pet. It’s in the morning rain, the slow sunny days of summer. It’s in the sparkles of water on the lake. Your favorite song on the radio. It’s right there in that embrace of your sofa or your warm bed. It’s in the call you make to your loved ones. It’s right there if you look.

Take the time to look.

Social media tells us everything wrong with the world moment to moment. We can’t look away and that’s part of the reason we keep going deeper into an abyss of negative creation. It’s part of the reason why our lives aren’t working anymore. Why we’re all overweight, over-stressed and in distress.

There’s a better way.

Start by dialing your exposure downward.

Consciously limit your time with negativity and offset it with a deliberate effort to balance negative videos and tweets with positive ones. I started by promising myself to limit social media to one hour per day. It helps if you set an alarm. 😇

We all can turn away from the digital abyss of despair once we understand there’s nothing in there but pain. You don’t have to take it with you. If you leave it right where you found it, your world will be a better place. And maybe one day we can all ride our beat up old bicycles into a world filled with laughter once again.

With love,

📝Not all who wander are lost. But I'm often lost wondering.

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