The art and practice of mental Aikido

A primer in working with the energy fields around you.


The Japanese word came to me as the young man stood outside my car door. He’d just rammed into the back of my car and he was pissed.

“You just slammed on the brake dickhead!” A flaming red flush crept down his cheeks into his thick neck. Body language aggressive and invasive. Sleeveless t-shirt, biceps and a blonde buzz cut; he intended to come right up to my face.

Heavy rain, a traffic light recently turned red and my decision to stop at the line brought us together. He wanted to beat the light. I didn’t. We met in an abrupt tangle of bumpers, broken plastic and skid marks..

“How could you just stop like that, you @#$%^**&* asshole.” He stamped toward me, jawline hard. Fists clenched. Rain turned the shoulders of his Gold’s gym shirt dark brown.

I checked the door locks. A quiet click reassured me he couldn’t get in.

“Look at my car dude! Just look at what you made me do. I’m @#$%^**&* late for work.”

Horns honked from behind. I glanced into my rear view, cars were piling up. Two or three cars over, someone leaned into their horn.


“Dude, get the @#$%^ out and give me your insurance.”

No way I would set foot out of my car, the man was huge and given his vocabulary, dialog would not be his choice for dispute resolution.

Now he was at my door.

“Give me the damn insurance!”

I looked him in the eye and I tried a technique from Vadim Zelands’ book: Reality transurfing. I would defuse his focused energy by meeting it with energy of a different frequency. His was strong, incendiary, negative. I would be soft, calming and positive. Funny how that sounded exactly like aikido to me. Instead of physical redirection of energy, this was done mentally.

Would it work?

“Yes sir.” I leaned over to my glove compartment. “I have it right here. Could you help me find it?”

“Huh?” the stranger looked confused. He had a mental script of how this interaction should go; this wasn’t it.

I took the passenger window down some more. “I have it here sir, but if you help me, we can get it much quicker. I know you have to get to work, let’s fix this. Will you help me find it?” I let the window all the way down. “Or, we could pull over on the shoulder, folks behind are getting upset.”

As I spoke to him, I deliberately reached within myself. I looked for the tiniest of energies. For gratitude — that I woke up above ground yet another day. For having a car, a fender, even a broken one. For the blessing of rain. For the chance to live to see grandchildren. For having a family, a life, a home. I gathered the emotions within me and quietly, invisibly, I transmitted them to my large friend. He didn’t know it yet but he was in the middle of a tsunami of good vibes, good wishes for his future, and yes, even what love I could find for a random stranger on a rainy day.

“Dude, I’m not going to help you find shit.” He looked back at his car. But the look in his eyes changed. The hot glare burned lower.

“O.k. sir, I’ll pull over. Meet me on the shoulder. We can sort this out, let the insurance companies fight right?”

“My car dude.” He was loosing steam. I could see him deflate. His volume went down by half.

“Don’t let a fender bender ruin your day friend. Your car will be fine. Besides, no one got hurt right?”

“Right.” He said.

That was when I knew the fire had gone out of him. Now he was just a man in a minor fender bender. The cops came, we exchanged information and parted peacefully.

That was the first time I practiced what Zeland explained in his book.

His theory is this: we exist as energy fields among energy fields; each with its unique frequency and function. Our individual resonant frequency can harmonize with energy fields around us or they can be partially or entirely out of sync with them.

When we resonate with the fields around us, we join with them, and willingly provide them with energy they need to survive -our attentions powers the energy fields directly. When we do not join with them, they leave us alone and we can direct our energies elsewhere.

The first rule of mental Aikido:
Recognize there are energy fields around you. They need your energy. To take it, they will try to attune you to their frequency.

Consider a football team. It exists as a physical entity entirely because of the participation of its members. On joining, members follow the team’s rules to provide attention, intention and interaction for it to manifest in the real world. Participants harmonize with the intent of the artificial construct -‘The team”. In return, the team gives members its support, some energy, and some recognition. Certain members become team favorites and receive more than they give but they are the chosen few; the entity always takes more than it gives.

Zeland uses political parties as another example. We join, give them our attention, and follow their rules. They grow as a result, keep us within their folds and attune our frequencies to harmonize with their own resonant frequencies. We become part of the parties’ energy field.

It would seem all earthly constructs embrace an energy component; a dimension in which human participation enables it to continue. Once human attention and interaction ceases, the entity disappears. Think videocassettes or bell bottom pants.

The second rule of mental Aikido:
Energy fields require your participation. They always take your energy — but you get to choose which energy fields you interact with.

Continuing with Political parties. What happens when a member of a political party no longer believes its principles? Now, the individual’s frequency no longer harmonizes with that of the political party and she is cast out.

Even after she has been cast out of her political party, if she continues to disagree with their tenets -publicly or privately, what then? By her directed attention, she still gives the entity what it needs — energy. Whether positive or negative, the entity willingly accepts impulses directed at it. You can’t win energy battles by giving your energy away.

Your choices are simple, you can either ignore the entity and no longer play its game; or if you cannot avoid it, give it opposite energy to neutralize its attempt to hijack your frequency.

To be honest, I didn’t know if Vadim’s theory of energy fields made any sense. I mean come on, really? (In his book, he calls the surrounding energy fields pendulums. I suspect this may be the equivalent of ‘Pain bodies’ in Tolle’s ‘The Power of Now’). But at that moment on a rainy day on the 415, I sidestepped what could have been a very physical encounter. I’m not complaining.

It certainly seems life proceeds out of the interactions of forces around us that wish to push or pull us in their desired directions. To consciously decide which direction you wish to go, it makes sense to analyze them. On one hand you can reduce or eliminate your interaction with energy vampires whilst on the other, deliberately make choices to give energy to entities amicable with your progress.

Lets say you wanted to write, why give energy to any entity that cares nothing about your dreams?

Identify them. It could be social media, the endless video feed on youtube, or the sucking emptiness of daytime TV, even relationships that take more than they give. These steal more than your time, they steal life force itself; worse, they delay your progress.

There’s a better way.

📝Not all who wander are lost. But I'm often lost wondering.

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