There’s a reason why Biden Won’t Pack the Supreme Court

It’s the same reason he’s funding the war in Ukraine

5 min readJun 28, 2022


Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

Why, is Biden et al resistant to packing the Supreme Court in the face of what appears to be a politically motivated series of decisions?

Democrats are poised to lose the midterms

It’s a historical pattern. Sitting Presidents tend to lose the midterms and weaken their Presidency in the best of times. But we’re not in good economic times are we?

Inflation has spiked in the USA. Supply chain disruptions have severely curtailed essentials like baby food. We’re struggling to provide tampons on store shelves. Gas prices are trending up and up and the Biden Presidency is on it’s political knees.

Facing an angry and divided electorate, politicians have historically done one of two things, they either find ways to placate voters by listening and finding solutions to their woes or, they take you to war. FDR did both in his historic multiple term Presidency. It’s a tried and true formula.

The War in Ukraine gave the US a lifeline. Surely sitting politicians could distract an angry public towards Putin’s war. The images coming out of Ukraine are horrific. Children staggering on shell shocked streets. Mothers lying dead. Millions of refugees fleeing for their lives, as another evil empire rises in the East.

It didn’t work

Americans are more concerned about their ability to put food on their tables. Yes we sympathize with Ukraine, we definitely should help them, given our military might and deep pockets -we can afford to finance a proxy war overseas.

But we’re not willing to starve ourselves in Putin’s war. We all can plainly see inflation has been steadily rising before the war took place. Yes the war has added to the disaster of American economic policy. But it’s our own profligate magicking of money out of thin air that brought us to this inflationary period.

And though Putin exacerbated the pain, he didn’t create it, we did. And because the war in Ukraine…




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