What Happens when more Babies are Born than Red States can support?

Red State will impoverish themselves

4 min readJun 28, 2022


Photo by Gayatri Malhotra on Unsplash

What will we do, knowing as we do, that the politics of the GOP bends towards cruelty? It’s manifestly toxic, even as it’s short sighted and steadfast in its ignorance.

Beau of the Fifth Column is one of my favorite stops on YouTube. When it comes to political analysis, he’s up there with the talking heads on T.V. imho. He just laid out what will happen when a tidal wave of unwanted children surges into the States that abolished Roe v. Wade.

He speaks of brain drain, of young folks leaving Red States. Of a shrinking tax base that unravels funding for education, leading to cycles of poverty that will become generational.

At the same time the tax base is being depleted, increased resources will be required to care for God alone knows how many children and their mothers who likely will also be unable to work or educate themselves.

What Beau didn’t speak about is the staggering fact that the foster care system across the USA is already in crisis.

Add more children, increase the expenses to raise them whilst reducing the tax base and what do you think will happen to the kids?

Children will suffer




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