Who are the Heroes fighting against Putin’s War?

It’s not who you think. Analyzing the problem through the lens of story

6 min readOct 11, 2022


Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

In most heroic narratives, there’s a similar underlying structure that underpins events. A state of good fortune exists which is upset by a threatening figure. Think Darth Vader wanting to rule the Galaxy.

The threatening figure creates a problem/s which inspires forces of resistance (in Star Wars, it’s simply called The Resistance) — their encounter with the problem and the forces it controls, creates complications, crises, and climaxes which ultimately resolve the problem and nullifies the threat.

It’s how we defeated Hitler for example or how the biblical battle of Armageddon is supposed to unfold, with the Holy Host and the saved, resisting the forces of Darkness and the people and institutions it controls.

Notice that I’m speaking about both fiction and real life yet? Vader and Hitler have parallels because we frame our narratives along similar lines. Art imitates life, but life can also inspire art and the foundations of the stories we tell are the same, both in life and art.

If you look at any human narrative, you can find a predictable structure. In ‘Stealing fire from the Gods’, James Bonnett calls it the ‘Story Wheel’ and it has an upward cycle and a downward cycle. Every story we can tell can be placed somewhere on the wheel.

When we’re moving ourselves upwards, towards higher potential states of being, we describe these stories as the hero’s journey. It’s when a state of good fortune is upset by a threat which creates problems which inspire resistance which in turn spins off the three C’s: complications, crises and climaxes.

If it ends well, the resolution is our happily ever after. In stories like these, we explore our higher conscious states and the triumph of good over evil.

When a hero’s journey is complete, what happens next? The story wheel turns downward. In the movie ‘Hancock’ the superhero gets drunk and becomes a public nuisance. He has the power but can’t find an appropriate threat. He can become a threat if he’s not careful.




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