You’ll get Blocked if You Do This

For the love of all that is good on Medium, don’t clap and run. It’s an automatic block from me.

2 min readFeb 9, 2024


This is what a clap and run looks like

I like to think I’m a patient person. Really I am. I will forgive all but the most egregious shenanigans from folks on here. Even scammers.

But Hesus! What kind of idiot claps for 20 plus articles in 10 odd minutes?

As I understand it, this is going to screw up my read ratio (because they didn’t read my articles).

And it’s going to screw up any earnings I might have made for the day. It’s a colossal eff up for all the time I’ve put in.

Dear Medium, can we put an end to this?

It’s not fair that my earnings are affected by shenanigans like this. I’d like Medium to automatically stop people from clapping and running.

This silliness does not encourage me to reciprocate.

All it does is grind my gears.

I genuinely don’t appreciate this kind of engagement. I highlight this for any newbies to clearly observe what bad behavior on Medium looks like to me.

Kindly be advised. This isn’t the first time I’ve highlighted this but Jeezly crow, this dude pretended to read more than 20 articles! It’s some kind of record.





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